About Saint Ann Church

Welcome to St. Ann Melkite-Greek Catholic Church. The term "Melkite" originated in the 5th century as a derogatory term for the Christians in the Middle East who supported the Emperor ("melik" in Syriac) and the majority of the Bishops present at the Ecumenical Council of Chalcedon in professing the true Christian doctrine that Jesus Christ is true God and true man. Much as "Protestant" passed from being a derogatory label to being a neutral description... read more

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Ladies Guild

The Ladies Guild meets monthly from March thru December. We are an organization of the women of the parish who help out and support the parish through fund raising activities. We organize a bazaar every November, do a bake sale every Palm Sunday. We team up with the Men's Society to provide dinners periodically which are open to the public. We are an arm of the church that is available to help out in any way we can to support the church and its parishioners. We are always looking for new members and new ideas... read more

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Men's Society

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